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How to post an ad?


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How to mark your item as sold?


How to make ad with price "Ask for price"?

If you want buyers to contact you for price, leave the price field blank during ad submission.

Frequently asked questions

What does "20 marketplaces mean"?

Exactly what it says. is divided into 20 single-language marketplaces, covering almost every European country, while the main benefit is that all ads are displayed everywhere and translated in marketplace language respectively by our team, which increases exposure for your ad and makes it easier for a buyer to understand.
When you post an ad for Fiesta R5 rally car for sale, you also posted an ad for Fiesta R5 rallye voiture a vendre, Fiesta R5 auto da rally in vendita and so on, by taking a few minutes to post that one ad, you actually posted 20 of them and spare a lot of time, 19 times less, to be exact.

Can I use the same data to login on other marketplaces?

Yes, your username and password can be used on all 20 marketplaces, there is no need to register once again.

Can I select on which marketplaces will my ad be visible?

No, this is not possible, all ads are visible on all 20 marketplaces to provide maximal exposure. The decision on where you'll sell your item is always yours, we just provide more options.

How can I contact a certain seller?

Each ad has obligatory email contact option and optionally via telephone. You can contact seller by clicking on email button, which will take you to the contact form, or, if stated, telephone field, where you can copy the number in your phone or use any of the services to call like Skype, Whatsapp etc.

Do you own all items from ads?

No, does not own items advertised on marketplaces, unless clearly stated and does not have info about their whereabouts other than the one stated publicly inside ads. To get more info about the advertised item, contact seller in each ad directly.

Is free?

Access to marketplaces and creation of a new account (registration) are all free of charge, while ad submission requires a point pack depending on the items you want to advertise.

Is safe?

We do our best to keep your data safe using secure connection, while safety of the payment transactions is additionaly ensured by Paypal / Braintree.

How can I pay for ad submission?

We offer various options of payments: bank transfer, proforma invoice (for companies), Paypal and Braintree for credit card payments. Please note, that it may take a few days for bank transfers and proforma invoices to be processed, so your points will be added to your account only after payment is verified, while payment by Paypal and Braintree will result in instant addition of your points.

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